The Author: Daniela Murphy Corella

Daniela Murpy Corella  is the author of the The Restorer, a physiological thriller set both in modern-day and 16th century Florence. Of Spanish and Irish descent, Daniela is a PACR accredited art conservator/restorer based in Florence. She is the president of Bastioni, association for the research and study of art works, a non-profit organization of international conservators based in the borough of San Niccolò, Florence.  She runs her own conservation practice, National Heritage Conservation and for the past twenty-five years has undertaken dozens of major conservation projects both in Italy and abroad. Daniela  is currently head of the wall painting department at SACI studio art centers international, Florence,  where she teaches both the theory and practice of wall painting conservation and restoration.

Other works published by Daniela include Tips, finding your way around workshops and sites, Nardini Editore, which she co authored with the wall painting conservator Alberto Felici and various articles related to conservation and restoration treatments, all of which are available at the Nardini Editore bookstore. Daniela has collaborated extensively with the media for programs and documentaries related to conservation.

She lives in Montececeri, on the same hill-top chosen by Leonardo da Vinci to test his flying skills and shares her garden with two donkeys, a white maremano and a vivid family of squirrels.


8 comments on “The Author: Daniela Murphy Corella

  1. Colleen Murphy says:

    I just can`t be prouder of my little sis, she really is the BEST!!! Baby you Rock & Roll!!!!!! love u 2 bits!!!!!!!!!! your big sis Col

  2. Lucy Swifte says:

    I loved this book which reminded me both of “Headlong” by Michael Frayn and of Audrey Niffenegger’s “The Time Traveler’s Wife” – two of my favorites. It’s a book about characters who want to believe that love and art can transcend time and who live in a world in which magic might be possible. While not every loose end is tied up, some scenes are explosively cinematic – the Bonfire of the Vanities, in particular comes shockingly alive. I wasn’t sure where this was all going – but the ending was truly satisfying.

  3. philipparees says:

    I loved this book and reviewed it on my website under ‘reviews’ So good when author and publisher are rewarded for faith by a prize!

  4. Well done in the Rubery Book Awards. If you get 5 mins check out It is a non-profit making award for UK-based writers.

  5. Linda Lopez says:

    where can I find a hard copy of this book?

  6. Linda Lopez says:

    just found copies from Guerilla Press in Pds. but would like to buy in USD if possible.

  7. Fantastic book! Started reading it and could not put it down. Seamlessly weaving past and present, it is constantly entertaining and full of surprises yet packed with significance. A book that will stay with you.

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