First Prize. The Restorer wins the Rubery International Award

I was sitting in the olive grove that makes up the garden of my little Florentine house, new ipad in hand – it was my birthday yesterday – when the familiar tone that heralds the arrival of an email distracted me. You’ve won the International Rubery Award, said the email. It must be spam I thought, as the mail was sent by paypal and required me clicking on various suspicious links. So I ignored it. But what if I have won, I thought, whilst watering my cloudy looking Ortensias, so I checked the International  Rubery Award web site and discovered that paypal was not joking. First PrizeThe Restorer by Daniela Murphy. What a lovely birthday present. A special thanks to all the judges and all of you who have encouraged me throughout. Thank you all so very, very much. I am posting a photo of me whilst reading the great news.