Awkward Positions – Prizes and Awards

The only prize I’ve ever won in my life was granted by a few of my Florentine colleagues after having endured three days working in this position. The prize was a cordial pat on the shoulder, a rather subdued brava and a cold beer in Piazza Santa Croce.  Last week Guerilla Books submitted The Restorer to three literary competitions. The idea didn’t come directly from the publisher, who later admitted was toying with it, but from the same Florentine colleagues who had prized my contortionist efforts. They actually did a little research to find out which awarding body most suited The Restorer. I was touched. As wall painter conservator S.C said – in what was meant to be an encouraging remark – “Worst-case scenario? You’ll get a pat on the shoulder, a brava from me and a cold beer in Piazza Santa Croce for the effort.” I guess it’s a win, win scenario. We’ll keep our fingers crossed and see what happens.

These are the three: The Eric Hoffer Award  Eric Hoffer Award – Home Page The International Rubery Book Award Enter the Book Awards –  The International Rubery Book Award 2010 William Saroyan International Prize for Writing   2012 William Saroyan International Prize for Writing.


5 comments on “Awkward Positions – Prizes and Awards

  1. elena says:

    daniela como siempre genial

  2. Wow! I just started reading your book Daniela and I’m totally impressed by the quality of your writing, I knew (or guessed) you’re a good restorer but I never knew you could write too! I do remember you made us read a page by the pool some 15 years ago and I liked the idea but <i never really thought you would see it through and I forgot about it. But now, 15 years later, you amaze me with your talent! You actually succeed in passing on your enthusiasm about your profession by writing a wonderfully mature novel, one almost would want to go back to the 15th century to meet that guy, you're at ease with the technique of writing about technical things, the mystery, love, sensuality, history, there's some for all tastes, it's just incredibly rich! I have a friend who is a producer, always looking for ideas, I think you should meet him, I can just picture this as an answer to ' the name of the rose', so let me know when your next novel is due and I do hope I don't have to wait another 15 years for it!

  3. Anonima says:

    Col dizionario alla mano sono riuscita a leggere il primo capitolo… il mio inglese è così migliorato che gli altri li volerò senza. Brava Daniela!!! Great Book!!!

  4. Guillaume Dupuy d'Angeac says:

    I just finished reading the restorer, it left me totally breathless, sad it’s finished, and I keep thinking there should be a movie made of this, it’s absolutely wonderful! I loved the crescendo in the writing when things get ‘hot’
    when is the next Daniela Murphy being published, I can’t wait!!

  5. Joanna Spiteri Staines says:

    When I read the book ” A girl with the pearl earring” an entire new world opened up to me: I began to imagine what it must be like to be an artist, or to be a sitter or to figure within the lives of such amazing people. The book ‘ the restorer” had a similar even more dramatic effect. The narrative compels the reader towards the intimacy of the artist and his painting and subsequently the restorer and her painting. Again, it opened up an entirely new perspective upon the paintings and frescoes that exist around us, hidden perhaps under layers of paint and grime. The book urges the reader on, with a rythmn akin to a piece of music with its time lapses. It fills a void that exists within the literary world which is very relevant to what is quintessentially European – our legacy from the Renaissance and Baroque. I can only urge readers intersted in culture to pick this book up!

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